Change is the enabler of growth

We need to increase the flow of change in our products to increase their value

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If we maintain a product in a static state, it will steadily lose market share. For products to generate revenue, and to increase that revenue, we must make them responsive to the demands of the market.
Each change requires an investment, in design, implementation, testing and release. The longer this process takes, the greater the cost of the investment and the longer it takes to see a return on our investment.

Agility is essential in the delivery of digital products in today's world. To increase the flow of change within our products, and do it safely, we must embark on the journey of digital transformation. Designed4Devops will provide you with a structured framework with which to implement digital transformation, using devops. D4DO will show you how to approach digital transformation systematically, whilst retaining the business controls you need. It will show you how to integrate agile digital product delivery into your existing business management frameworks, such as IT service management, risk and security.

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The Digital Production Line

Efficient delivery of change

Devops takes production line efficiencies and applies them to digital product delivery, but this analogy only takes us so far. Production lines of physical products are designed to provide an optimized flow of unchanging products. In the digital world, we have an ever-changing product that has an infinite distribution in digital downloads. We need to think of the production line not as delivering units of our product, but as providing packages of change to our product.



D4DO provides a controlled and structured approach to digital transformation

D4DO will show you how to identify waste within your processes and then to map and restructure them to increase efficiency. D4DO will show you how to align processes, architectures, technologies and tools to reduce waste and improve flow by architecting your pipelines and products to work together.


Designed4Devops is a holistic approach to digital transformation

It enables you to transform the whole organization for digital product delivery.


Explaining what to measure to guide decision making and changes.


How to engage stakeholders and increase communications.


Efficient change allows for increased experimentation without increasing risk.

Technology and tooling

Identifying the technologies which will improve value streams.


How to design processes, value streams and products to enable devops.

Security and risk

Improving security and reducing business risk through devops and agility.